1st Annual Abundance Electronics Upcycling Event

Abundance Electronics Upcycling Event Reno 2016

Donate working, "outdated" electronics to be refreshed and distributed to families in need. There are dusty devices in storage that serve better value for children who have little or no digital access. Help families get connected and open up new possibilities this holiday season!

Schedule a pickup of your unused, working electronics, and we'll refresh them for distribution to local families in need before Christmas.

If your family or anyone you know could use electronic devices for education and internet access, please Contact us here so we can get donated electronics in your house in time for Christmas.

DONATIONS: looking for working computers, laptops, tablets, mobile and networking devices that still have some life in them.

Request Electronics Pickup or Donation for your Family

  • Request a pickup of your unused, working electronics.
  • Request donated electronics for your family.

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